Outstanding marLED® Light of the Latest Generationincluding the new X-Series

The operation starts. The operating light is turned on. It is easy to set. Colour temperature can be adjusted as needed. Even the light field geometry can be adapted to the surgical field. There are no colour shadows cast in the surgical field because the light is mixed at the source, right inside the light engines. All this is make the operating lights from KLS Martin truly unique: marLED®, the light of the latest generation.

Since 2004, Starkstrom have been the exclusive UK distributor of KLS Martin operating lights, which include the award winning marLED® range. Starkstrom has many years of experience specifically installing and maintaining operating light systems in a variety of environments, including:

  • New build
  • Operating room refurbishments
  • Operating light replacement projects
  • Integrated within UCV canopies
  • Low ceiling heights
  • Integrated operating rooms
  • Modular operating rooms
  • Treatment rooms
  • Mobile operating lights

Starkstrom offer the new X-Series and E-Series Operating Lights. These are amongst the most technically advanced lights available and work on the philosophy of delivering the maximum level of lux at the coolest temperature possible. Although LED-based operating lights have been around for some time, marLED® is unique because it uses latest generation LEDs which are smaller, more compact, provide greater light efficiency and use less power. marLED® Operating Lights are not limited to lighting technology but are also based on a radical optical and housing concept. Its trail-blazing design harmoniously combines ergonomics and technology bringing an optimal working atmosphere to any state-of-the-art operating room. marLED® has won several internationally renowned design awards on the merits of its outstanding optical and housing concept.

Note: marLED® is a registered trademark of KLS Martin

New from KLS Martin - marLED® X series Operating Light – Xtremely different

STARKSTROM are proud to be the dedicated UK supplier of KLS Martin Operating Lights since 2004. Welcome to the most versatile Operating Light on the market the new KLS Martin X series Operating Light the latest offering from Starkstrom.

Surgical lighting is a critical element in an operating theatre, greatly influencing the course of an operation. Every clinical situation and individual’s surgical preferences are different.

Theatre lighting needs to be sufficiently versatile to suit for every situation and every operator.

“Powerful, individually controllable LEDs ensure brilliant and even illumination of the surgical field.”

No matter which light intensity, luminous circular or oval field size, or colour temperature marLED X provides numerous adjustments for the surgeon, along with fully automatic active shadow management.

  • Xtremely innovative- the most versatile operating light on the market
  • Xtremely flexible – You can manage all situations in the operating theatre with marLED® X
  • Xtremely adaptable – Set the light properties exactly the way you want themXtremely functional – full control of the light from the head, mimic panel or surgeons’ panel
  • Xtremely individual – Save personal pre-sets – faster preparation for future procedure
  • Xtremely consistent – Adaptive colour temperature combined with excellent colour rendering for a natural view
  • Xtremely aseptic -infection control- Seamless and smooth surface – easy to clean and therefore extremely hygienic – IP55 certified
  • The marLED X has a seamless and smooth surface making the surfaces easy to clean and therefore offering an extremely hygienic standard for infection control – boasting IP55 for complete protection from dust particles and moisture
  • The marLED® X has a consistent slimline shape – Particular attention has been paid to a closed surface and flow-optimized housing design enhancing the suitability for laminar air flow canopies & optimised to prevent air turbulence.
  • The tempered safety glass of the operating light and the protection class IP55 substantially increase safety and the marLED X boasts an estimated service life of 60’000 hours benefiting theatre efficiency.
  • Light Field Diameter – 14 – 35cm
  • Maximum Iluminance – 160,000 lx
  • Colour temperature – 3,000 K – 5500 K
  • Dimmability – 30% to 100% (with backlight from 1% to 30%)
  • Colour Rendering Index Ra/R9/R13 – 99/99/99 (Market leader across the Index)
  • Integrated camera options.

V-Series Operating Lights - No longer available – Replaced by the X Series

The marLED® V-Series are a premium range of operating lights designed and manufactured to a high quality to give the clinician the versatility to control the light around the surgical field.

Models previously available:

marLED® V16

marLED® V10

Outstanding in Form and Function

The V-Series lighting system consists of the main light marLED® V16 and the satellite light marLED® V10. The two are matched in form to make a perfect whole. This makes it possible to position the lights side by side in a way that utilises the available space optimally which in turn creates room for movement – free space that can be used for other equipment.

The main light and the satellite light can be easily positioned with the sterile SensoGrip handle – located on the light head – or operated directly via the SensoTouch panel. This intuitive touchscreen panel, fitted to the cardan joint of the light suspension, gives you easy control of all the functions available.

The following key features make it easy to move the marLED® V-Series Operating Lights:

  • Cardanic suspension
  • sensoGrip handle

Unique in Light Mix and Light Field Adaptation

What makes marLED® so unique is its compact design with significantly smaller, high performance LEDs of the latest generation. Two unique features distinguish marLED® V series from conventional LED operating lights:

  • Light Mix– light is mixed right inside the ‘light engines’ and not when it reaches the surgical site. This means that marLED® effectively eliminates the casting of colour shadows and contour shadows.
  • VariLUX Function– enables light field adjustment to the surgical field giving a choice between circular and oval illumination.

marLED® operating lights offer improved light efficiency and minimise heat development still further. The colour temperature is adjustable, allowing the clinician to work with daylight, warm-white or cold-white artificial light, In a nutshell, marLED® provides the ideal light to let you keep a cool head in any situation.

Perfect for Integrated Systems

marLED® V-Series Operating Lights can be integrated with a number of systems. At its simplest, the marLED® lights are dimmable to such an extent (in the light output range of five percent) that they can be used for background illumination. Other key features include:

  • Laminar Flow Compatibility– marLED® lights can be perfectly integrated into laminar flow systems thanks to their elegantly segmented housing with aerodynamic lines, smooth finish and small air contact surfaces. These ideal features mean that the marLED® Operating Lights perform effectively under air supply ceilings with low turbulence displacement flow.
  • Use with Surgicam Camera System– marLED® can be easily used in conjunction with surgiCam if clinicians wish to document surgical procedures for training purposes, make use of live transmissions or consult with external surgeons during operations. The camera system can be operated with SensoTouch, marTouch integrated OR systems. Digital image data is recorded in server based databases. surgiCamdelivers good quality images in HD, straight to your TFT monitor.

E-Series Operating Lights

The marLED® E-Series offers an unrivalled combination of economy, efficiency and security in terms of lighting and hygiene. The E-Series are part of KLS Martin’s GoGreen commitment where they design sustainable medical products that help protect our environment by reducing the amount of resources used and waste produced.

Models available:

marLED® E15

marLED® E9i

marLED® E9

Innovative Lighting System

The marLED® E-Series use the latest LED lighting technology with special microstructure for a homogenous light field, maximum shadow dilution, highest degree of brilliance (up to 160,000 lux) and colour rendition, excellent colour retention, a variable colour temperature (3600K/4300K/4600K) similar to daylight and very low operating costs due to the extremely long life of the latest generation LEDs (40,000 hours).

Controlling the light can be done in a variety of ways all designed to improve ergonomics:

  1. Double-Tapping the Sterile Handle– to adjust the light field and boost mode
  2. Flush-integrated Membrane Keypad– has the following functions to control the light: ON/OFF, Brightness Control, Light Field Adjustment, Colour Temperature Adjustment
  3. Remote Control via the Surgeons panel where used with the Starkstrom eTCP 17 or 24 Theatre Control Panels or other compatible panels
  4. Remote Control via marTouch Remote Control– in the absence of a compatible Theatre Control Panel, the marTouch Remote Control can be used to let you control the operating lights and camera system surgiCam whilst providing additional information for users. An optional docking station can be included, with table or wall fixation.


Since the marLED® E-Series incorporates no wearing parts, With power input of only 45W for the E9i, marLED® E series are extremely efficient and thus minimise electrical consumption for reduced bills and lower emissions. Furthermore, marLED® E15 and E9 range help fulfil the sustainability goals declared by KLS Martin through their GoGreen programme. Efficient use of resource and a long product life helps minimise the environmental load and protecting natural resources for future generations.

Hygiene and Infection Prevention

The marLED® E-Series has been designed to satisfy the highest hygiene standards that help promote infection prevention.

  • Closed housing with smooth contours, rounded edges and inovative joining technology provide easy and efficient cleaning as well as outstanding laminar flow performance
  • Rimless front glasses with integrated gaskets (sealing) prevents capillary action when using cleaning agents
  • Flush-integrated membrane keypad with light adjustment controls is easy to clean

Battery Backup for Operating Lights

Under general power failure scenarios, the continuity of light in the surgical field is the most important factor for patient safety. Without it, the surgical team cannot continue operating or even work towards successful patient closure.

A 24V DC Battery Backup System forms part of the emergency supply to modern operating lights. Under HTM06-01:2017, a separate 3-hour autonomy system is required for each and every operating room.

Starkstrom provide suitably rated Battery Backups for each marLED® arrangement. They are fitted with a range of alarms and a remote test facility (usually connected to the Theatre Control Panel) and an under-voltage disconnect relay to prevent non-recoverable discharge of the batteries.

Note: marLED® is a registered trademark of KLS Martin