Setting the course for electrosurgery again and again

For more than 50 years, KLS Martin have made a lasting impression on high-frequency surgery. This applies not only to HF generators, but to the extensive range of accessories as well.

Our innovative electrosurgery units are setting new standards – all over the world. This is explained not only by their remarkable performance and features, but also by the fact that we offer you a truly extensive range of products: from special HF devices for dentists through units for minor and major private surgeries and outpatient departments to high-end devices for use in operating rooms – practically everything required for state-of-the-art medical treatment.


Nowadays, the technical requirements in electrosurgery are particularly complex and diverse. Innovative technology as well as safe and easy handling combined with utmost efficiency are among the most important requirements that have to be met by surgical units. This is exactly what maxium® offers: The unit exhibits a wide range of precisely regulated currents, enabling you to choose between a great number of applications, such as monopolar and bipolar cutting and coagulation.

Intuitive. Fast. Straightforward. The maXium® and its operability

Thanks to its ingenious “Quick Step” control, the maXium® can be easily operated with one hand in a split second. Due to its multifunctional rotary switch, all parameters can be set and changed any time according to your individual needs.

Functionality and efficiency

The maxium® impresses with a well-thought-out overall concept.
The maxi-display lets you immediately recognize all of the settings made; all parameters are clearly structured and just as clearly allocated to their working channels.

More than 99 individually defined settings can be programmed and saved.


The maxium® is available in three versions, depending on the socket module you select. No need for adapters at all because third-party accessories can be plugged in directly.

maXium® ®smart C

This electrosurgery unit maXium® smart C mates the proven maXium® user interface with state-of-the-art touchscreen technology. Great on the outside, pure genius on the inside: No matter if you are cutting or coagulating in daily operation, the simple intuitive user interface handles it all.


Strong effect even at low power. In our new maXium® smart electrosurgery product line we have uncoupled the effect settings from the power settings. Your benefit: You can rely on maximum variable performance at all power ranges.


The maXium® smartC combines the proven maXium®-user control philosophy with modern touchscreen technology. Whatever you are doing- all it takes is at your finger tip.

With the well defined horizontal placement of both monopolar socket and the bipolar socket plus the continuous display of all pertinent parameters on the screen, the user is always aware of the particular presettings. Any of the settings you change can be easily saved in the user-specific programs and then called up again whenever they are required. Up to 50 memory slots are available for this.


In terms of ergonomics and handling, the ME MB 3 follows the reliable technology. The output is set via the rotary control and the current types required are selected via the membrane keypad. A high level of patient safety, clear design and a high diversity of possible applications round off the profile. The highlight: different connecting sockets allow the use of existing accessories.


The hallmarks of the ME MB 3 do not only include our proven PCS (Patient Control System), but a high standard of patient safety as well. A straightforward design and superior application versatility round off a user-friendly profile.


Electrosurgery in perfection: the KLS Martin small devices regularly set new benchmarks. We offer you everything you need for out-patient and hospital use, from special devices for dentists through to universally applicable HF electrosurgery devices in the 100 Watt category.

The first-class model – for monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery.

With an output performance of 80 Watts for monopolar and 70 Watts for bipolar technology, the miniCutter is the ideal device for outpatient departments and practices.

Its broad spectrum of applications in the areas of general medicine, dermatology, gynecology, ENT and cosmetic surgery make it a true all-rounder in electrosurgery.

ME 102

The “compact” unit for perfect results in electrosurgery.

Our ME 102 is an electrosurgery device of the 100-Watt class for universal use. The electrosurgical device offers outstanding cutting and coagulation properties and was conceived to meet both outpatient and hospital requirements.

MD 62

Our smallest solution for highest demands for quality and convenience in dental applications.

Our MD 62 is an electrosurgical device primarily intended for use in dentistry. Thanks to its compact design, this unit is extremely handy and therefore well suited for mobile use.


The nerve stimulator lets you easily differentiate between nerves and muscles in neuromuscular tissue structures that can be stimulated with electric current.

Nerve stimulator

This localization possibility reduces the risk of nerve damage and therefore optimizes the postoperative result.

The device can be used either as a stand-alone nerve stimulator.


The test unit “marTest” was developed for testing HF-surgical accessories (i.e. monopolar/bipolar cables, electrode handles, neutral electrode cables, KLS Martin IQ instruments).

Safe – versatile – simple

This device lets you perform functional tests in a simple manner to ensure that faulty accessories do not even enter the operating theater. The device has connections of various manufacturers of electrosurgical equipment.

Vessel Sealing

The SealSafe® IQ bipolar vessel sealing system allows sealing of vessels or tissue bundles effectively and lastingly without any need for previous dissection or detailed exposure of the tissue to be sealed. Thanks to the precise SealSafe® current specifically adapted to this kind of application and the instruments, only the tissue located between the instrument’s jaws is sealed. As a result, lateral thermal damage to surrounding tissue is reduced and tissue adhesion is reduced to a minimum.

marSeal5 plus

The marSeal5 plus rings in the new generation of our bipolar reusable sealing instruments. It has been systematically refined and tailored to meet the needs of users in terms of ergonomics and the ease with which it can be taken apart and cleaned.

Mode of action

The ergonomic shape of the handle provides a comfortable grip for large and small hands. A secure lock integrated into the handle prevents tissue slippage. The marSeal5 plus system features an integrated blade that is used to cut through the tissue in the center of the sealing area immediately after sealing. All without changing the instrument during a single step. That saves valuable operating time and therefore money. Compatible with our maXium® electrosurgical device.

marSeal5 plus Maryland

Multifunctionality meets reusability and cost-efficiency!

Outstanding preparation and sealing performance are the hallmarks of the new reusable marSeal5 plus Maryland instrument. Consistently designed for the needs of users. The instrument allows, in addition to the sealing with subsequent tissue separation, finest preparations with minimal lateral thermal expansion. The associated current form of the HF generator maXium® measures the tissue resistance continuously and gives the user feedback as soon as the sealing process is completed. The instrument has a Plug & Play connector (IQ). The instrument is automatically recognized by the HF generator maXium® when plugged in.

Depending on the procedure, the marSeal5 plus Maryland is available with different working lengths.

  • 37 cm for laparoscopic standard procedures
  • 45 cm for obese patients
  • 23 cm for open interventions

The marSeal5 plus Maryland offers a variety of uses.


The reusable marSeal sealing system guarantees the permanent and reliable occlusion of veins, arteries and tissue bundles with subsequent dissection. After successful sealing, the tissue can be cut centrally with the aid of an integrated mechanism – without the need to change instruments.

Universal application

marSeal is a universally applicable instrument that, thanks to its modular design offering different shaft lengths, can be used for laparoscopic applications as well as open surgery.

The combination of the maXium® and the SealSafe® IQ current type result in numerous advantages for the surgeon and his/her team:

  • The sealing process is time-saving and yields an optimum result
  • Tissue damage caused by lateral heat propagation is largely reduced
  • No adhesion of tissue to the contact surfaces

marClamp® Cut IQ

marClamp® Cut IQ is the combination instrument for open surgical vessel sealing. In addition to tissue preparation and vessel sealing, it is also used for subsequent tissue separation – with no need to change instruments!

Mode of action

The switch integrated in the instrument automatically triggers the special SealSafe® IQ sealing current once the tissue has been grasped. Once the tissue has been grasped, the integrated switch automatically activates the special sealing current SealSafe® IQ, so you don’t need an additional foot switch.

When sealing has been performed, the current is stopped and an acoustic signal sounds.

Compatible with our maXium® electrosurgical device.

marClamp® IQ

Using the marClamp® instruments and the SealSafe® current, larger vessels and tissue bundles can be reliably and permanently sealed. As a result, a rapid and reliable hemostasis is achieved without using any suture material, in contrast to the conventional method.

Mode of action

marClamp® IQ makes the surgeon’s life even easier: Due to the intelligent plug & play function, the marClamp® IQ is provided with the appropriate working parameters required for the various applications automatically upon plugin.

Compatible with our maXium® electrosurgical device.

Large selection of clamp types and connecting cables

Different clamp geometries give each user the right instrument for the task at hand.

Smoke Evacuation

Smoke plumes in the OR are a thing of the past! We have set new future-oriented benchmarks for the evacuation of surgical smoke gases by using state-of-the-art filter technology.

The specially designed filter system which corresponds to ULPA standard provides safe and effective protection in the operating theatre. The large inner-filter-surface provides a long-lasting lifetime. The device indicates when a filter needs to be changed. The result: in combination with our electrosurgery and laser devices, the smoke evacuators marVac® resp. maXium® smart Vac guarantee a free view of the operating field – with maximum safety and best ergonomics!

maXium® smart Vac

The maXium® smart Vac smoke evacuator is installed in the maXium® smart Cart HF device cart. The smoke extraction parameters can be directly saved in the maxium® electrosurgery unit’s user program.


The marVac® smoke evacuator can be positioned on the ceiling lights together with the maXium® electrosurgery unit. The smoke extraction parameters are saved directly in the maxium® electrosurgery unit’s user program.

Argon-Beamer System

Extended superficial bleeding in parenchymal tissue is a problem that is difficult to handle with classic coagulation. Therefore, argon plasma coagulation is an ideal supplement to conventional HF application methods.

In argon plasma surgery, argon gas is ionized through high frequency current. This creates conductive plasma. The result is extremely homogeneous, flexible and surface coagulation. During application, the argon beam also turns to bleeding, not yet coagulated tissue regions. This process encourages rapid hemostasis which particularly essential in case of diffuse bleeding.

maXium® smart Beam

In conjunction with our maXium® smart Line the future-oriented beamer system serves to provide efficient hemostasis and can be used in a number of ways.

maXium® Beamer

When performing surgeries with the maXium® Beamer, tissue carbonization is reduced and the wound healing process thus accelerated. Due to the low penetration depth, the risk of perforations is significantly reduced as well.

Accessories for electrosurgery

A large number of clinicians worldwide use and trust our extensive range of accessories which set benchmarks in both monopolar and bipolar surgery. The instruments are developed and manufactured according to stringent quality specifications to ensure you are provided with the best tools for your daily work.

We offer you a comprehensive range of instruments for both the monopolar as well as bipolar application technology. This includes numerous innovative instruments, such as the bipolar marCut® scissors, the bipolar marClamp® clamps our our non-stick-red-forceps.

nonStick red

Our bipolar forceps with non-stick effect and a revolutionary ergonomic design.

The latest generation of forceps allows for the precise coagulation of vessels – accurately to the point. The large choice of models, the universal connection as well as the ergonomic handle, make the nonStick-red forceps indispensable aids in the daily OR environment.

nonStick flush

Our bipolar forceps with integrated irrigation – for the toughest requirements.

The coagulation site is irrigated via the irrigation channel integrated into the forceps handle and to which one or two Luer Lock tubes can be connected. A continuous supply of irrigation fluid helps to greatly reduce the tissues adhesion.

The ”Neptun“ current type of the maXium® HF generator was developed specifically for fluid-assisted HF coagulation (EHT = electrohydrothermosation) of the nonStick flush bipolar irrigation forceps.


Our bipolar scissors for open surgery.

An essential benefit of marCut® scissors is provided by their special design: The two scissor blades are electrically insulated from each other by a ceramic element. The special hardened surface of the scissor blade provides for a consistently sharp cutting edge, which can be re-sharpened several times.


For reliable holding and separation of tissue – always with a view of the entire operating field.

The field of laparoscopy requires a multitude of special bipolar instruments for minimally invasive applications. Fast and reliable hemostasis is of great significance. With the marLap system, we provide a brilliant answer to this.


Electrodes with Smoke Evacuation for Laparoscopy

Clear view and maximum safety in the sterile field – smoke has become a thing of the past! The novel premium quality high-performance smartLap electrodes by KLS Martin for laparoscopy provide an efficient solution for effective evacuation of the smoke right where it originates.

Monopolar electrodes

We have a comprehensive range of monopolar electrodes. This includes electrodes with Ø 1.6mm, Ø 2.4mm and Ø 4mm in a variety of shapes and geometries.


Premium quality electrode handpieces for your daily work in the OR

Monopolar electrode handpieces are indispensable in electrosurgery. Combined with an active electrode they are used to cut, dissect, and coagulate. With the electrode handpieces we offer you a device designed to fulfill today’s ergonomic demands.

Return electrodes

To provide you with the right return electrode for every application in the monopolar field, we offer you a variety of different return electrodes. From the split single return electrode to special return electrodes for newborns and infants.

MABS argon accessories

KLS Martin –your competent partner in modern argon-supported surgery.

We offer a large selection of rigid and flexible probes for open and endoscopic argon surgery.

maXium® smart Cart

The maXium® smart Cart exhibits a compact and ergonomic design to securely accommodate the entire equipment.

The maxium® smart Cart not only offers room for an electrosurgery device, but also for an argon beamer as well as a smoke evacuation unit.


We have a comprehensive range of footswitches. Our product portfolio includes single pedal and dual pedal footswitches. A special highlight is our cordless double pedal footswitch.

Connection cable

We offer a large number of connecting cables for all common generators and instruments.

Disposable accessories smartOne

With our monopolar disposable accessories, we are expanding our portfolio in order to offer our users a high-quality total package.
Innovative accessories in fume extraction set new standards in these areas.

smartOne VAC

smartOne VAC handles with integrated fume extraction filter the harmful fumes directly in the operating field. The telescopic function gives the surgeon maximum flexibility with ergonomic design. Unique flue gas electrodes for use in numerous indications to ensure clean air and clear view in the OR.

smartOne HF handles

The smartOne handles in ergonomic design in the variants: Hand activation via push button or rocker switch. The 3-pin plug allows a versatile use. The teflon-coated electrodes prevent the tissue from sticking and thus reduce the operating time.

smartOne electrodes

A wide range of different shapes and lengths with integrated hexagon guarantee the highest level of safety in the operating theatre. Due to form rings, the electrodes can be easily exchanged. The Teflon coating prevents tissue from sticking to the electrode and reduces the intraoperative cleaning effort of the OR staff.