Starkstrom’s mission is to provide clinical infrastructure solutions to hospitals for their critical areas offering high quality products and services for improved patient outcomes, process and cost-efficiencies.

Starkstrom Limited, part of Progility Ltd, is a British company founded in 1971 which initially specialised in designing and building control panel equipment. Since 1995, Starkstrom has specialised in the design, manufacture and servicing of isolated power supply, the touch screen Theatre Control Panel, Starkstrom’s Automatic Transfer Switch (SATS), earthing accessories and a wide range of service pendants for the medical sector.

Starkstrom’s British manufactured products are available internationally through their sister company in India and through distributors specialising in clinical infrastructure products. Each market has enhanced its portfolio by partnering with other manufacturers to supply specific products, such as operating tables and lights, to meet customers’ needs.

Our history


Starkstrom Limited, a subsidiary of Starkstrom Group Ltd, was founded and focused on designing and building control panel equipment.


Starkstrom introduced an isolated power supply to meet the impending IEC Directive that required Medical Locations to have such safe electrical provision


Starkstrom was awarded exclusive UK distribution of KLS Martin operating lights, which include the award winning marLED® range.


Starkstrom acquired BPG Medical to enhance its product offering and manufacturing capability.


Starkstrom acquired F1 Manufacturing which gave the group greater control over the production of our manufactured product range*. *IPS, TCP, PACS, BBU, and ERB.


Starkstrom was acquired by Progility Plc (now Progility Ltd), a project management focused business allowing Starkstrom to benefit from being part of a large corporate


Starkstrom became the distributor in the UK for the OPT range of Operating Tables.

Our quality standards

Starkstrom maintains a Quality Assurance System that meets the requirements of the International Quality Standard ISO 9001. In the spirit of this Standard, Starkstrom understands that Quality is fit for purpose and recognises that every employee has a role in achieving this. Starkstrom aims to deliver on its commitments and adopt a positive approach to continuing improvement in all its activities.

Starkstrom also has BS EN ISO 13485:2012 accreditation for the sales and distribution of Operating Tables as well as Operating and Examination Lights.