Employers must afford their employees a safe and healthy workplace and working environment. Factors such as workspace, lighting, ventilation, temperature, cleanliness, traffic routes, falls, building structures (i.e. windows, doors, and gates etc.) and welfare facilities (i.e. toilets, wash-stations, changing accommodation) should all be considered.

The following information is intended to support the company and keep people safe from the risk of COVID-19 when at or returning to work. The information has been created using the latest advice from the government & NHS.

The government advice is clear that where possible work should be undertaken from home. If it is not possible to undertake work from home and your business is not on the list forced to close, you can continue to work but should assess your activities in line with the latest COVID-19 prevention methods.

PLEASE NOTE : Throughout this documentation reference is still made to the 2-metre social distancing rule as this is still considered to be the “gold” standard. From 4th July the government has announced a 1 metre PLUS rule. This means you are allowed to be 1 metre away from others providing other measures (hence the PLUS) are taken such as wearing face masks, face shields, face coverings, standing side to side (rather than face to face), enhanced hand cleaning/sanitisation, Perspex barriers etc.

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