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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas require IPS?

  • Anaesthetic Room
  • Operating Rooms
  • Operating Plaster Room
  • Post Operative Recovery Beds (including stage 1 recovery for day surgery)
  • Heart Catheterisation Room
  • Intensive Care Rooms, including CCU, ITU
  • High Dependency Room
  • Angiographic Examination Rooms
  • Pacing Rooms
  • Dialysis Rooms (using intra-arterial catheters)
  • Special Care Baby Unit
  • Neo‐Natal Unit
  • Resuscitation Bays (including A&E)
  • PET Rooms
  • CT Rooms
  • MRI Rooms
  • X‐ray Rooms
  • Fluoroscopy Rooms
  • Gamma Camera Rooms


How many MCBs on an IPS?


Each Isolated Power Supply System will have a number of outgoing MCB’s, usually between four and sixteen ways.


Why choose the eTCP over the sTCP?


The eTCP is flexible in the sense that even after is has been manufactured changes can still be made to its functionality because it only requires the software to be update. Changes to the sTCP are not always possible and they usually come at an expensive price due to the metalwork/machining required.