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Theatre Control Panels (TCP), sometimes called Surgical Control Panels or Operating Room Control Panels, are the central focus for infrastructure controls as well as alarms and information required in an Operating Room. This focus has two main benefits; it allows the users to only have one familiar source of information and lets the facilities staff easily inspect and maintain several different subsystems, without disrupting the wall infection integrity.   

Historically, these panels have been made from stainless steel. In 2005, Starkstrom developed the Electronic Touch Screen Membrane Theatre Control Panel (eTCP) to overcome some of the inherent inflexibility of stainless steel panels, reduce the possibility of hospital acquired infection (HAI) and bring a modern look and feel to the surgical room. This has now become the preferred theatre panel throughout many UK hospitals. Screen sizes can be specified according to your requirements but are typically available in 10", 17", 24" or 32" 

Due to the range of sub-system suppliers, user requirements and preferences, each panel is designed and made specifically for the project. It may include ventilation controls and indication, medical gas and AGSS alarms, power supply alarms, operating lights and battery back-up controls, general lighting and “room in use” controls, laser interlocking systems, UCV controls, fire alarms, etc.

In addition to the eTCP, we also offer:

wTCP – membrane type panel using pushbuttons and indicators (rather than a touch screen) as its primary user interface behind an infection control friendly IP65 polyester membrane overlay.

sTCP - Stainless Steel Theatre Control Panel

hTCP - Hybrid Theatre Control Panel; an sTCP that can contain an IPS system, a PACS system, or even a Touch Screen

If you have a specific panel requirement, please call us to discuss the product options in more detail.

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