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We are now the sole UK distributor for the Merivaara range of operating tables for different types of hospitals and surgical procedure needs including:

Promerix is a heavy duty electro-hydraulic operating table, the choice for hospitals and health clinics capable of a wide range of surgical procedures ~ Offering Full Length C Arm Access - with a 410mm traversing top,  Modular / Carbon Fibre sections available ~ Along with a motorized  “5th Wheel” Option for reduced moving & handling.

Practico is a mobile, modular, electro-mechanical table operating table (manual version also available) fulfilling a wide range of surgical procedures ~ Especially suited for general and day surgery e.g Shoulder Surgery / ENT / gynaecology/urology & general surgery requirements. 

Practico Manual is a  versatile operating table with hydraulic adjustments and offers a wide range of confi gurations for general and special surgery. The table accommodates heavier patients than earlier models, and offers better site thanks to improved adjustment options. Available in several confi gurations with a wide range of accessories and an optional stainless steel cover.

Rapido is a lightweight and easy-to-use operating trolley for the busy day surgery unit. Being a patient trolley, operating table and recovery chair all in one unit, the Rapido helps increase patient safety and cost-efficiency in any day surgery clinic, Reducing moving & handling & increasing patient care .