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thumb E3 mobile, ceiling & wall mounted E3 mobile, ceiling & wall mounted

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Cool, bright clinical lighting is crucial within the operating room environment. Starkstrom is the official distributor for KLS Martin operating lights within the UK and has many years of experience successfully designing, installing and maintaining clinical light systems in a variety of environments:

• New build (inc PFI)

• Operating Room refurbishments

• Operating Light replacement projects

• Integrated within UCV canopies

• Low (and very low) ceiling heights

• Integrated operating rooms

• Modular operating rooms

• Treatment rooms

• Mobile operating lights (for ITU or other areas)

Boasting a full range of lighting for all clinical needs, KLS Martin lights are amongst the most technically advanced lights available and work on the philosophy of delivering the maximum level of lux at the coolest temperature possible. To watch the video click on the marLED video link under Product Information

The marLED® lights (utilising LED technology) provide a unique way to illuminate the procedure area and also allow colour index manipulation. For more information on the award winning marLED® lights, please download the relevant product brochure.

Results of a study have highlighted the importance of the mechanical performance of the system in terms of the support structures, mountings, clearances and adjustability which is often overlooked, but can cause a high number of user complaints when not ideally designed. To address this, our engineers prepare detailed drawings showing the maximum height clearances and working envelope of the proposed light system for every project to ensure the user expectations are fully met.

We regularly have ex-demonstration theatre lights available at a considerable discount. Please contact us for further information


Battery Backup

 Under general power failure scenarios, the continuity of light in the surgical field is the most important factor for patient safety. Without it, the surgical team cannot continue operating or even work towards successful “patient closure”.

A 24V DC battery backup system forms part of the emergency supply to modern operating lights. Under current HTM standards, a separate 3-hour autonomy system is required for each and every operating room.

Starkstrom can provide you with whatever rating (in watts) of battery backup systems you might require for whatever kind of operating lights you are installing. Our battery backup systems are fitted with a range of alarms and a remote test facility (usually connected to the theatre control panel) and an under-voltage disconnect relay to prevent non-recoverable discharge of the batteries.

LED (marLED) Light Range

 Variable field geometry

 Variable field diameter

 Variable colour temperature


 Fully cardanic suspension

 Extremely long LED life

 Available as a powerful V16 main light or as a compact V10 satellite light

marLux Light Range

 Quasi-daylight surgical field illumination

 Minimal heat development

 Much higher luminous efficiency

 Colour fidelity

 High colour temperature

Video Camera Systems

All KLS Martin operating lights of the marLux® and marLED® series can be equipped with the High Definition (HD) SurgiCam® camera system or the Surgicam Standard Definition (SD) variant. The camera can be mounted on a suspension arm of its own or integrated within the sterilisable central handle of the operating light. This ensures an excellent view of the surgical site for any intervention.

SurgiCam comes in a modular and highly flexible design so you can easily tailor this versatile system to your specific needs.

High-quality daylight alone is not enough for surgical site illumination. The HD camera technology offers you more detail and thus a precise image of even the most delicate tissue structures. Thanks to the easy visualisation of tissue changes, the HD camera provides the surgeon with valuable diagnostic support. With SurgiCam® HD, you get professional image quality in the “Full HD 1080i” format boasting 2 million pixels.

Telemedical data transmission for large-format display (as required for lecture halls, for example) also benefits from HD image sequences, as the pictures are much sharper in detail than in conventional SD formats.

Motorised image correction – a function that ensures laterally correct image display on the screen – is optionally available as well. In other words, time-consuming camera or light adjustments by the surgical staff are definitely a thing of the past.

Examination Lights

Starkstrom sell a variety of examination lights. Please contact us for more information on our full range of examination lights.