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"The Safety Behind The Socket"

It is recommended by several international and UK standards that isolated power systems are to be used for circuits supplying medical electrical life-support equipment or in areas where intra-cardiac procedures are performed.  These areas are classified as either “Group 2” or “Clinical Category 4 or 5” locations.

When formulating these safety requirements, it must be remembered that patients may be firmly connected to electrodes, that their skin may be punctured in the process of, for example, inserting a conductive catheter into the bloodstream, and there may be the absence of normal reactions of the patient who may be unconscious, anaesthetised, immobilised, etc.

For the above reasons, an IT Power Supply System (Isolated Power Supply) is recommended.  The IT System has several advantages over standard TN Earthed Supply systems (normal supply system for most industrial, commercial and domestic applications).

Starkstrom is the only British company to manufacture Isolated Power Supply systems. We have many years experience in this field and are thus recognised experts within the industry. Because all our equipment is assembled in-house, you can be sure that you will not only receive the most energy efficient and advanced technology available, but that the pre-sales, production and after sales support will be at a level that none of our competitors can match. As a result, we work regularly with consulting engineers, large and small Mechanical & Electrical contractors and directly with hospitals, to help them implement and provide an appropriate and fully compliant IPS solution.

Here you will find a summary of the various types of IPS systems that we are able to offer. Starkstrom realises that not every hospital is the same and has therefore designed a range of products that enables our customers to create an IPS solution to fit their needs.

Example Wiring

Each patient area must be supplied by at least two circuits (resilience can be enhanced by interleaving circuits from different IPS systems)

MCB’s protecting the final circuits are typically B type 20A rated

All IPS circuits are radial

IPS cables should be brown-brown in colour and labeled L1 and L2

Blue, clean earth sockets, engraved “Medical Equipment Only” are recommended for all IPS sockets

Equipotential bonding of a maximum of 0.1Ω must be installed (see earthing)

An audible and visual remote alarm needs to be located in the clinical area

Additional IPS options include:

  • Transformer in-rush limiter
  • Primary side MCB’s
  • Auto changeover
  • KWh Energy Meters
  • MCB Tripped Alarm (available shortly)

Floor Standing Systems

A floor standing IPS system is a complete IPS system built into an enclosure which is designed to stand on the floor. The enclosure will contain an incoming isolator, the isolation transformer, the insulation monitor, the Earth Fault Detection System and all of the outgoing breakers.

This allows for easy delivery and installation and provides the customer with a system that is fully tested and ready to be connected, without further on-site assembly. This kind of system is traditionally used where the complete IPS system is kept in a plant room, electrical cupboard or a secluded area.

A single floor standing system is supplied in a ventilated enclosure which is 1600mm high, 300mm wide, and 380mm deep. To comply with current standards and to assist with tight room layouts, all our systems are manufactured as single (mechanically and electrically) independent units. If double, triple and quadruple systems are required, simple place the units next to each other.

Product code is SIPS-F-8kVA-EDS-16

Wall Mounted Systems

A wall mounted IPS system consists of two separate items. A floor mounted isolation transformer in its own enclosure and a wall mounted enclosure containing the incoming isolator, insulation monitor, Earth Fault Detection System and the outgoing breakers.

This system is designed to give the customer a little more flexibility in the positioning of the main components of the IPS. This type of system is often preferred where the transformer is to be kept in a remote plant room or secluded area, but access to the distribution and monitoring unit is desired and is located closer to the clinical area.

Please note that the IPS should ideally be no more than 30m away from the clinical area.

Product Code is SIPS-W-8kVA-EDS-16

Control Panel Integrated System

A control Panel integrated IPS system is simply an IPS system built into a stainless steel Theatre Control Panel (sTCP). It is similar in concept to a wall mounted system in that the transformer and the distribution units are separate. A medical isolation transformer in a separate floor mounted enclosure is provided and the incoming isolator, insulation monitor, Earth Fault Detection System and the outgoing breakers are built into the control section of the theatre control Panel.

This kind of solution is ideal if space near the clinical area is very limited. Please note that the IPS should ideally be no more than 30m away from the clinical area.

Blue Sockets Outlets

In line with HTM06-01 and MEIGaN requirements

Engraved in white lettering  'MEDICAL EQUIPMENT ONLY'

Face plate manufactured from a blue urea compound which contains a very effective life-long anti-microbial & anti-fungal additive

Low profile, subtle styling & unbroken surface (screw cap covers) minimise dust & dirt traps improve effectiveness of infection control procedures

Large twin terminals aid loop wiring & complies to BS7671


Product Codes

B213SIPS for blue twin clean earth sockets

B113SIPS for blue single clean earth socket

SATS - Starkstrom's Automatic Transfer Switch

We have designed automatic transfer switching devices which are used throughout the electrical supply system to increase resilience wherever there is a need for high availability from the power supply.
As an enhancement to IPS systems, the recently developed SATS range comprises two changeover solutions. Each solution is designed to meet specific performance and budget criteria:

•         Standard - Suitable for most applications, a balance between simplicity and functionality.
•         Advanced - The transfer device is motorised and the monitoring and control is highly flexible           and intelligent.