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A new era of digital theatre solutions – tomorrow’s technology available today

High Definition. Network streaming.

To meet operating room requirements for procedural efficiency, consulting and teaching, Starkstrom has partnered with Merivaara to provide OpenOR, the definitive future proof audiovisual solution.

Designed specifically for use in the operating rooms. OpenOR connects seamlessly to existing IT networks and transmits audio and video from the operating room to anyone with a suitable PC and authorised access to the hospital network.  There are a number of different levels available.  Live two-way audio allows staff in the operating room to communicate with their audience, while multiple concurrent video streams allow the audience to select which camera feed(s) to watch. The streaming module opens up completely new avenues in support of surgical interventions and the multimedia solution can be used for a number of different purposes.

From fully integrated audiovisual systems to operating room video screens or pendant mounted AV connectors, Starkstrom can offer expert AV advice and the perfect solution for every application.

Starkstrom’s highly qualified engineers will work closely with the customer to find the optimal solution. These range from simple AV systems to sophisticated multi-location media solutions.

The OpenOR system offers a fully integrated solution.  All of our products are designed to communicate with each other seamlessly, and can be complimented by our unique REMOS remote monitoring system for complete peace of mind.

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