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Infection Control is a key battleground and concern for every hospital.  As a UK manufacturer, Starkstrom is committed to supporting the healthcare sector by focusing product design and development to reduce the potential for infections when using products from its S-equiP range.  These products are packed full of infection-fighting innovations, and ensure the operating room or critical care area remain a “bacteria and virus-unfriendly” zone.

Clinical Lighting

Starkstrom’s range of clinical lighting performs exceptionally well, even under UCV canopies, where clever design ensures there is minimal disruption to airflow and ultra clean conditions at the wound site are maintained. The lights can be controlled remotely via the wipe-clean eTCP, or directly by the surgeon using the Sensogrip controls, so fewer staff – and the bacteria that accompany them - need to enter the clean zone. Membrane-style control keypads and lenses made of strong glass rather than scratch-prone plastic make the lights easy to clean and less prone to bacteria.

 Clinical Pendants

Products in Starkstrom’s range of multi-movement pendants feature screwless sockets and fascias, easily removable end caps, integrated utility poles and oval structural arm design, ensuring they are easy to clean and have fewer ledges and screw heads to harbour dust and associated germs.  Factory laser cutting of panel fascias enables third party products such as nurse call and emergency call systems to be seamlessly integrated.

Theatre Control Panels (eTCP)

Starkstrom’s eTCPs feature a membrane-covered touchscreen, eliminating the need for protruding pushbuttons, controls and third party alarms that act as unnecessary dust ledges.  A “cleaning button” means that screens are locked while the surface is cleaned, so no information is disturbed.  The eTCPs are also Bluetooth-enabled, so the clinical team can connect smart media players in the operating room to play music if desired, rather than bringing in external bacteria-covered stereo equipment or docks.

Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS)

Starkstrom’s wall-mounted PACS viewing station has been designed specifically for operating rooms.   Fitted flush to the wall and off the floor, it is easy to clean as well as looking sleek and ergonomic.  The recessed membrane keyboard, reminiscent of a cash machine, has fewer crevices where bacteria can settle and thrive, and is quick and easy to clean. 

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