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Liverpool Womens Hospital

Liverpool Women’s Hospital is a major obstetrics, gynaecology and neonatology research centre, and the largest Women’s Hospital of its kind in Europe. Starkstrom recently completed work on eight operating rooms at the hospital, winning the contract after a rigorous selection process.   Originally brought in to upgrade the operating lights, Starkstrom was then also asked to replace the theatre control panels, bringing the ORs up to the highest possible standard without the cost and inconvenience associated with a complete rebuild. 

Starkstrom was selected as our preferred partner following a robust procurement process, during which our clinicians were invited to evaluate the range of different technologies and solutions available on the market.  The success of this project demonstrates the value of multi-disciplinary stakeholders working in partnership to develop sustainable solutions that will ultimately enhance patient care.”

Liam Reynolds – Procurement Manager, Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust

Starkstrom installed KLS Martin’s marLED operating lights in each OR, where the compact, adjustable and advanced lights exactly met the hospital’s needs. Each of the ORs also needed new theatre control panels (eTCPs).  This presented a particular challenge, as the existing theatre control panel back box was much larger than that required by Starkstrom’s eTCPs, and the amount of work necessary to correct it was costly and would not fit into the tight programme of works.  Starkstrom’s engineers came up with an innovative and economical solution to the problem: flush new stainless steel housings were fitted into the space left by the old panels, and the new eTCPs were fitted into these panels, rather than directly into the walls.  This clear and simple solution saved time and money, and is the ideal answer to the issues faced by many hospitals when they need a quick, economical panel upgrade.

“There are literally hundreds of operating rooms that would benefit from this type of efficient, cost-effective upgrade.  Our work at Liverpool Women’s Hospital shows we can provide the solution to any challenge, making a hospital’s plans workable and successful.”

Nick Jackson – Managing Director, Starkstrom

In order to complete the refit with the least possible disruption to the hospital and theatre lists, Starkstrom and the hospital worked closely together to develop a programme to carry out the works during normal working hours, allowing three days per OR.  Routine maintenance and redecoration was undertaken by the hospital as each room was worked on, ensuring the best possible use was made of the down time.

“Starkstrom was very professional in its approach to the project.  The number of phases and changes to accommodate the needs of the end user were significant and responded to in a supportive way at all times by the installation team.  While undertaking the installation, all members of the Starkstrom team were professional, approachable and blending into the day-to-day operation of the Trust in a seamless fashion.  Handover of each of the eight phases was relatively trouble free.”

Bernard Flanagan - Head of Estate and Facilities, Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust


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