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Starkstrom develops and patents mini Isolated Power Supplies - mIPS

Posted on 4th Apr 2011


Four sockets provide 0. 75 KVA output. It is easy to install and eliminates the need for cabling, thus reducing cost.

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Starkstrom signs distribution agreement with Optima Yapi

Posted on 3rd Mar 2010


March 2010: Signed its distribution agreement with Optima Yapi

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Starkstrom markets its remote monitoring systems

Posted on 7th Jan 2010

resizedimage666482 remosdiagram

Starkstrom has launched its remote monitoring systems or remos allowing all its customers to monitor all lights, pendants, UPS, control panels, and isolated power systems across the world.

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Moorfields Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City, UAE

Posted on 21st Jul 2008

Dubai Health Care City

Starkstrom complete the first delivery of their equipment to the UAE consisting of Theatre Control Panels, Clinical Pendants and Operating Lights for this high profile project in the UAE.

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Masafi Hospital, UAE

Posted on 1st Jul 2008

Starkstrom complete delivery of Stainless Steel Control Panels for this hospital in the UAE.

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Surgical Suites, Dubai Healthcare City, UAE

Posted on 1st May 2008

Medical Isolation Transformer2

Starkstrom complete delivery of the first set of Touch Screen Control Panels for the UAE, and the first set of Starkstrom Isolated Power Supply systems for the UAE.

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