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About Us

Our prime objective is to provide product solutions and services that fully satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations.

Starkstrom is a British company founded in 1971, which initially specialised in designing and building control panel equipment.

The company has its own UK manufacturing facility and supplies operating room and critical care equipment, both in the UK and overseas.

In 1995, a new IEC directive came into force, requiring hospitals to have isolated power for certain medical locations.  By this time, Starkstrom already had over 20 years' experience in providing specialist electrical power solutions, and had developed an effective isolated power solution which allowed hospitals to meet the new directive.  This product, first installed in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in 1995, was a landmark in Starkstrom's development and became a flagship product.

On the back of this success, S-equiP, Starkstrom's fully integrated solutions product range has grown to include Clinical Lighting, Pendants, Operating Room Control Panels, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), PACS Viewing Stations, Ultra Clean Ventilation, Audio Visual Solutions, Battery Backup Systems, Operating Tables, Transfer Trolleys, MRI, RF, CT & X-Ray Shielding, SCP Clocks and a range of consumables.

Products from S-equiP can be purchased and installed separately, but it is the company’s ability to provide and fit a complete package of integrated operating theatre and critical care equipment, with seamless communication between products, as well as offering the most comprehensive post-installation service provision and warranty, which makes it stand out from the competition.  Clients only need to deal with one specialist, experienced supplier, saving time and money and ensuring projects run smoothly and efficiently.  The company also has strategic relationships with other key market leaders in the field, so when it is necessary to out-source elements of a project, it is always able to use established partners.  

Starkstom provides only the most advanced medical equipment and technology, and is proud of its position at the forefront of operating room and critical care area design.